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"Traces of the Past" is a 2D sensorial experience game, in which the user must find the scattered memories of Zack, a man that is loosing his memory due to Alzheimers. As the user plays, they will be able to collect those memories and unlock sentences of a letter written by Zack.

 The mechanics of the game were created based on two quantum principles: Heissenbergs´s uncertainty principle and Schrodinger's cat.  Just

This game intends for the user to understand and learn the difficulties of Alzheimers, creating conscience and empathy. Each memory has been carefully written so that many users could relate to it. That, integrated with the Game Design, creates an emotional experience.

Use the mouse to control the particle in the center and try to find the precise sound of each memory in the dark. To see your surroundings, press the left mouse button. But be careful, the more you use this ability or the more time passes, this light will decay. Hurry up! Afterward, you can view the memories you've uncovered in the Gallery.


Traces of the past.zip 88 MB

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