After a long time inside the spacecraft, a little red crewmate managed to escape the imposter's homicide. Those were terrible days, in which each and every single one of their friends dissapeared, just to found their corpses some time later.

The little red crewmate set the spacecraft to one destiny: the Earth. It has been so long since they departed... what could have changed?

To his disgrace, the Earth was unrecognizable. It was converted to a post-apocalyptic world... robots roaming around the streets, destroyed cities, and rats following you around.

Can our little red crewmate survive this highly dangerous city, and reach the final boss?

"Among Us: Back to The Earth" is a 2D single-player platformer videogame in which the player controls a red little crewmate, that has to overcome obstacles and enemies, to get their way through the destroyed city and reach the final boss. 


Exe Among Us Back to the 33 MB

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